Ethiopia plane crash victim will not bury soil from scene.

A man who lost his wife, three children and mother-in-law in the Ethiopian Airways plane crash on Wednesday ruled out burying the soil scooped from the scene of the accident, as it was against his faith.

Mr Paul Njoroge said he would only hold a prayer mass for his family while awaiting DNA results.

He said he had chosen to accept his loss so that he can release friends and relatives to continue with their lives

“The six months the government has requested so that it can receive results of the DNA analysis on the 5,000 pieces of human bodies collected from the scene is too long, and so we will just hold a prayer mass and wait for DNA results,” Mr Njoroge said, adding that he would have bouquets of flowers but there would be no casket. .

Mr Njoroge, a Seventh Day Adventist, said he would not bury the soil they collected from Bishoftu, 60 kilometres south of Addis Ababa, where authorities had taken them to.

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