Death toll rises to 13 as starvation continues to bite in Baringo county.

– Some of the hardest hit areas include Kadeli, Korio and Katikit, Kamusuk and Kositei – Local leaders called for urgent intervention to prevent more deaths – The government has already flagged off relief food to be distributed in Baringo and Turkana At least five more Kenyans have been confirmed dead in Baringo county as hunger and starvation continue to bite in the drought-stricken county. This brings the total number of deaths reported so far to over 10 as thousands of poor Kenyans living in Baringo and by extension Turkana county stare at drought, starvation and death. Read more.

At least nine others had been reported dead as a result of drought and hunger in Baringo county which is now one of the hardest hit by the prolonged and scorching drought. People Daily. Read more:

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